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Keywords: frequency agile radar, Harmonics, output power variation, Voltage Controlled Oscillator.

Suppressed harmonics and lesser variation in output power throughout 300MHz chip enhances the receive sensitivity of RADAR. and Steyaert, M., “Low-noise voltage controlled oscillators using enhanced LC-tanks,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing.

The settlement of raft at different values of modulus of subgrade reactions were analysed and compare with rigid support raft. In order to reduce NOx emission from the engine, it is necessary to keep peak combustion temperature under control.

The objective of this research is to develop a workable approach for the analysis of plates on elastic foundations that will provide the designer with realistic stress values for use in The design of the plate or, more specifically, reinforced concrete raft slabs. Horvath., “Practical Subgrade Model for Improved Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis : Software Implementation,” Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, Vol. EGR technique is one of the method to reduce NOx emission as it enables lower flame temperature and oxygen concentration in combustion chamber.

The result shows that 40% NOx emission is reduced by using EGR and the performance of biodiesel was found to be comparable with diesel at all loads.1.

Base catalyzed transesterification of sunflower oil Bio-diesel.

Natarajan N.; “Optimization of friction and wear Behavior in hybrid Metal Matrix Composites Using Taguchi Technique”, Journal of Minerals & Material Characterization & Engineering, 2012, 11, pp.757-768. The oscillator peak out power is 7.7 d Bm, minimum output power in 300 MHz range is 6.997 d Bm. Peak voltage deviation of 12249m V occurs for 34.025 MHz band.

The analysis highlights the fact that significant alteration of displacements, design forces and moments occur in the beams, columns and raft. Abstract: Biodiesel is derived from vegetable oils or animal fats through transesterification process.

The analysis also brings out the fact that settlement in a raft foundation depends on the stiffness of the soil. There are many advantages of biodiesel but it is not so popular because of high NOx emission.

Patel V A.; “Effect of machining parameters on surface roughness and power consumption for 6063 Al alloy Ti C Composites”, International Journal of Engineering research and Application Vol. The frequency tuning is based on resonant capacitance for varying controlled voltage.

Negative-resistance method with initial frequency tuning capacitor is used in design.

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