2 bipolar people dating

Therefore, there is a strong possibility that people with bipolar disorder are trying to manage relationships with family members who also have bipolar disorder.

They should both also be aware of potential triggers for the low and high episodes to help mitigate potential avoidable negative consequences.It’s natural to get angry at the person who is causing you pain.When manic, persons with bipolar disorder can be horribly insensitive and inconsiderate. Placing the infuriating and frustrating behavior within the context of the disorder can help you place the blame with the disease, not the person. As the partner of someone with mental illness, you probably feel guilty when bipolar episodes become out of control. The reality, though, is that you were not born with super powers. You can love, you can support, you can advocate for, and you can be there.However, with proper education, care and management, healthy relationships are possible, and can be nurturing and rewarding.Whether you are trying to repair a broken relationship or manage an ongoing “bipolar relationship” with a loved one, friend or coworker, here are a few tips to help you navigate this tricky terrain: #1 Get educated about bipolar disorder.

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