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I save these numbers with the name "Don't Call ##". I am getting my entertainment from them and if they refuse to understand that I am not interested I ask them some personal questions.

One even threaten to kill me because of my questions. Did they "wet their whisle last night" and I then have to explain what that means.

Would they like me to fuck them while they are fucking their wife, etc.

You would be surprised how worked up I get some of them and then they realize they are at work.

I have the same thing happens to me alot and,even get some phone numbers but really I would like to chat with them first then maybe we can phone one another but I am not into a hook up without at least meeting in a public place first then if we have that out of the way and we both want to go forward with the sex go for it For all who plan on attending the blowout ....

some people were starting rumors and making false statements as far as how to send money or the security of getting a room.

Yesterday I had to go to a funeral and had two calls during the service.

You may feel free to call them if you wish to make your own reservations ( not associated with BP) However keep in mind that we are being given an extremely low group rate and alone your price would be alot more!

We will be emailing or calling each person with a confirmation # and details to let them know that we received payment. badges will be mailed to each person that registers and sends payment. If your payment is sent late then you will have to have your confirmation # and your I. Preferances or smoking and non smoking rooms can also be made at that time! there are some local grocery stores for those of you who wish to cook in your rooms as well. his parents are the ones who own this beautiful place that we will be staying.

It is also important that when you register that you provide a accurate phone number and address. Keep in mind that your payment covers your room for fri. night along with a complimentary breakfast for sat. Please keep in mind that Justin is an officer for the area and has asked to stay discrete in his part with the BP Blowout!!!

Our Webbies Bill and Pattie have went to great lengths to help arrange this party.

If you have already registered and have not yet sent payment for your rooms please do this soon you can send payment to Open Dreamers, LLC 7239 Woods Terrace Tobyhanna, PA 18466 Make Check payable to: "Open Dreamers, LLC" Or if your check is already in the mail to Justin that is fine too. Unless you specify who you want to room with, then roomies will be paired at the party upon arrival. Each room is fully furnished and has a stove, fridge, dishes, and all ammenities these condominiums are just like homes you need only bring your clothes, personal items, etc. I ask that all BP members understand and keep in mind that Superman was asked by me to help put this event together ....

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So dont think about it just bring your naked body to us and do everything that comes to mind with absolutely no rules.

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