Accomodating smokers on campuses

” There’s also a website for trans student education resources ( I did many of my student interviews shortly after Trump was elected, and they had lots of concerns that were accentuated by that. I had students who were moving up their timelines for certain things because they were afraid that certain protections were going to be taken away. That’s a youth-led organization designed to transform education.

Trans is one large umbrella term, and then within trans, there are people who identify as nonbinary, genderqueer, agender—something other than male or female.In college, they’re often in an environment where there’s more freedom to do so.College is also a time when people explore their identities in general—religious, racial, ethnic and sexual.Abbie Goldberg, a professor of psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts, studied 507 trans and gender-nonconforming students across the U. to see how they are treated and perceived on campus.“Even when university-sanctioned LGBTQ resource centers or support groups are present, this doesn’t mean that university students, faculty and staff are uniformly affirming and inclusive of trans students,” Goldberg says.

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Then once they started transitioning, they found they were in a college environment that was very hostile to that.

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