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For women, especially, the pressure to appear perfect or attractive on these apps can have adverse effects on their self-esteem and well-being.

Female users are also overwhelmed with all of the attention they get on these apps and face a diminished user experience given their lack of control in filtering how they match with others.

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This is designed to make sure that you're actually a real person, rather than a fraud.Emerson, 20, and Morris Hsieh, 22, understood the social taboos around discussing particular kinks and fetishes and created Waves, the dating app that openly allows for users to match based on their sexual compatibility.Waves is currently a part of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch.Also, because of social taboos around discussing sex publicly, both men and women are discouraged from talking about their sexual preferences in person or on dating apps in general.The lack of transparency regarding the sexual compatibility of both individuals makes it difficult to find long-lasting and fulfilling relationships through dating apps.

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  1. When you’re spending time with a friend, there’s none of that nonsense. Being empathetic and remembering you're both in this together can help make the date a heck of a lot less scary. You are interviewing each other, so perhaps you are both nervous!