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Choose a nickname that is both appealing and clear such as “F19Fun Girl” or “Naughty F19Babe” You will get a lot of private chats almost right away. The trick is to let them ask you if you have any dirty pics. * You have problems like your parents want to “throw me out” * Your boyfriend is “bad to me” and you “need money to move out” * You’re a student and live alone Make up your own stories, for better results.

Give them one or two examples (or “samples”) of one of your naughty pics (if you want to use a camshow, play the same game before you give your Skype name. Tell them you’ll give them your whole collection if they “help” you by paying a small fee.

-Generate & Make an Identity- Tools: – Fake Name Generator – Skype – Pay Pal Make an identity: * Open up Notepad (or any other text editor) and write up the identity; a good place to start is here. find an address in that area, type it in your identity document. make about 3 and use Yahoo or Gmail (preferably Gmail) because they don’t have limits.

use a young-sounding name such as “Jessica” or “Courtney” or “Haley” * Don’t forget to target a country or region.

Going to have a long session now to hot pornstars for a good few hours and i cant wait : D Sandra Romain was in a dream last night so she is going to feature heavily I had never 'cammed', but last week i couldnt resist, and came on cam to petra verkaik for a couple dudes who were watching. Every bad movie, every Playboy shoot, all the appearances in magazines like Loaded and FRONT, Pamela has been there.

Do you know who your most-masturbated to female is? My most masturbated to has changed throughout my life...

I can never get more than 20-30 minutes of straight free time for porn..ive gotten used to quick masturbation sessions. Through other boards and use of YIM as a wank-chat device, I've also discovered a large portion of masturbation fanatics can remember their first, but I'm curious as to who knows for sure their most-used.

So used to it that I can't really go more than 20-30 minutes without cumming now...least i can get back up quick and go a second round right away when i do get more free time What a wonderful thread. Just did a four hour marathon beating off to Missy Nicole, Nikki Sun, Angelina Crystal and Lisa Rose multiple scenes. I would guess on this board in particular, the most often stated answer would be a pornstar or at least nude model in terms of profession. She was the woman I was looking at when as a youngster I became aware of my cock being hard in sexual excitement for the first time and started rubbing it.

* Spam – go into chat rooms, type a message such as “19F selling HOT nude pics, email me at [[email protected]]” or add me on skype “skype”.

* Social engineering – this requires a lot of time & patience, but nets much better results (and better payouts). ” (age, sex, location) * If the target is either female, or under 18 years old, close the chat Mess with targets with key words such as “babe, baby, hun” etc. If you play your cards right, they will start to talk about sex themselves.

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