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On the flip side, she says when your partner introduces you to family and friends, chances are that this person sees you in their life for the long haul."The thought of being vulnerable is a scary proposition for most people," admits Ray.

In this case, you want to make sure you're reading actions rather than believing every word that person says."A new relationship is full of potential, possibilities, and discovery—not only of our partners but of ourselves and our needs, wants, and desire," says Andrea Syrtash, a dating and relationship expert and author of And Carmelia Ray, celebrity matchmaker, online dating expert, and chief dating advisor of Woo You App, agrees that this "honeymoon stage" is an important period in your life."It's a special time to create unforgettable memories together and a time where many couples feel as if they are falling in love," she explains."But making demands on your partner of their time and restricting them from doing things they were doing before you started dating is a red flag." The expert says that it's common for couples who are newly dating to spend a lot of their free time with each other and give up some of their usual time with friends and family.However, avoid constantly texting, calling, or making demands to see your S. because you'll stress them out and may cause them to peddle back.

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His girlfriend had broken up with him the night before he headed home for the holiday.…

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