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It makes you ignorant of great music, and definitely not a match.Don't get me wrong; my dad still plays a huge role in my life, and I can't imagine much outside of impending senility will change that.So, I'm proposing this "8-year rule" in dating as an absolute.The 8-year rule states that you shouldn't date anyone outside of an 8-year age range. I've dated (or tried to date) women who are older, younger and, if you'll believe it, exactly the same age as I am.Do older people find the idea of using a dating site or dating app to be an unconventional method for seeking a date?The answers to these questions may not be as straightforward as you think, so let’s start by considering two possible viewpoints.I am aware there are possibilities where two people can successfully date with an age gap of more than eight years. (Seriously, she was born on the same day and same year.If that's not an easy conversation opener, I truly don't know what is.)But after all sorts of successes and failures with women, as time has gone on, I've found at least common failure: a massive age gap.

But let's be fair: There's a reason we tend to date people who are closer in age.One is, “Well, it a good movie.” Two is, “God, people already forgot about The Fugees, huh? ” If your answer is either two or three, then we're on the same page.To be clear, not knowing who The Fugees are or simply missing someone's references doesn't make you a bad person.But there's a difference between playing a role and codependence.Here's an example of what I'm talking about, from a date I recently went on with a 22-year-old girl: In discussing how she planned on getting home after the date, her answer was simply, “Oh, my dad picks me up from the train station after work every day.”Her reason for this wasn't that she didn't have a car or that she was saving money.

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Overall The findings from this study reveal that overall, general involvement and satisfaction with online dating increases with age.

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