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Damage to agency-client relationships is already widespread.

The question now is whether advertisers will take advantage of these initiatives and reinstate agencies (or holding companies) as strategic partners rather than as commodity suppliers of commodity-priced projects.

This trend is causing serious harm to advertising - yet it's the only thing that allows the growth of these huge agencies.

Which leaves Execution as the single valid reason for them to exist. No small agency can deliver the feet in the street of the monolithic agencies. My own opinion is probably quite clear: On balance advertisers are getting horrendously poor return on their money from this merging of advertising agencies into conglomerates.

Havas reported another year of strong organic growth under global chief Yannick Bolloré, who took over the Paris-based holding company two years ago.

This has developed through a combination of mythology and a demand for executional logistics.

This relationship pattern has weakened the branded agencies and increased the logic for holding company relationships, where WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe and Interpublic organise their company-wide portfolio of resources in an effort to re-establish exclusive AOR relationships with large clients.

(A CD friend of mine refuses to hire portfolio school grads because their work clearly shows they've never had to face the truly difficult feedback of a real client - leaving them to believe far too strongly in the value of their work while being blind to its weaknesses.)As a result, and despite rhetoric to the contrary, big agencies emphasize art over value and business impact.If Seifert succeeds in this, he will be able to compete on an AOR basis — and even compete for new business with WPP.This move is a very smart one, but it comes late in the game.Both are at fault for letting this happen, and now both parties have suffered the consequences.Advertisers have to manage complex portfolios of specialised agencies who compete for a portion of the total fee.

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