Alesha dixon dating pharrell williams

He can do skating just at home as he has a rink in his big house. “I like Pharrell Williams as he is always positive!

Music is the part of our life, each of us has some favorite music.So he tries to eat healthy products, even if he is travelling on business.The star is extremely careful with his drinking regime too.Alesha Dixon from Mis-Teeq has revealed how she was intimidated by Pharrell Williams from N. “Pharell asked me to rap for him – he literally just said to me on the spot ‘Will you rap for me? But, I done it, he thought that I had talent and he said that I need to go buy a Slick Rick album. She thought she was just going to be dancing in the video but Pharrell had other ideas. I need a beat.’ So, he started beat-boxing, started the rapping – my mouth went dry, my heart was beating really fast, I was so nervous, I was really nervous!

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There she did many roles on stage, from her child days which made her stronger and confident in her later days.

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