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Hill, Convicted of 11 Child Porn Charges 2019-02-06: Iowa Psychologist John Edgette Suspended Due to Substance Abuse 2019-02-05: Criminally Indicted TX Mental Hospital Chain Declares Bankruptcy 2019-02-05: Second Sexual Abuse Trial Begins for Psychiatrist Surendra Johri 2019-02-05: Psychiatrist Zoya Kosman, Guilty of Social Security Fraud, Loses CA Med License 2019-02-04: Swiss Psychologist Fined, Banned from Treating Female Patients 2019-02-01: "Big Brother" Psychologist Bob Montgomery Charged with Sexual Assaults of Three Boys in 1960s 2019-02-01: Psychologist Hubert Dolezal Indicted in .2M Medicare Fraud Scheme 2019-02-01: Yale Investigates Former Psychiatry Prof Eugene Redmond for Sexual Misconduct 2019-01-31: VA Psychiatrist Dieter Bartschat, Charged in 2018 with Child Porn, Suspended by License Board 2019-01-30: UPDATE: Psychiatrist Ginari Price was Indicated in Preventable Death of 14-Year-Old Patient 2019-01-30: Psychiatrist Ginari Price, Jailed on 2016 Charges, Continued to Prescribe While Behind Bars 2019-01-25: Licensing Board Puts Psychiatrist Dirk De Brito on Probation for Criminal Conviction 2019-01-25: Licensing Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Michael H.Tolwin for Negligence 2019-01-24: State Reprimands Psychiatrist Thomas Opechowski Over Treatment of Elderly Patient 2019-01-23: State Permanently Revokes License of Psychiatrist Lyda Monte; Convicted of Fraud 2019-01-23: Psychiatrist Rogelio Naranja Surrenders License Amid Investigation into Prescribing 2019-01-22: State Issues Accusation Against UCSF Psychiatrist Richard Lannon; Patient Died 2019-01-21: CA psychologist Frederic Seldin Surrenders License After Patient Rejects "Romantic" Proposition 2019-01-21: Psychologist Charles Kenny, Performed Deputy Evaluations for Sheriff, Found to Be Unlicensed Since 2001 2019-01-21: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman Sentenced; Admitted Sexual Contact with 7 Patients 2019-01-11: Psychiatrist Jane C.Rich Suspended, Fined for Unprofessional Conduct 2019-03-06: State Disciplines Psychiatrist John L.Bulette for 3rd Time, Regarding Prescribing 2019-03-06: Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Craig Tolleson; Patient Died 2019-03-05: Psychiatrist Aly Abbas Ahmed Had a Sexual Relationship with 20-Year-Old Patient 2019-03-01: Abuses at Northlake Behavioral Health System, Mandeville, LA 2019-02-27: So Cal Psychiatrist Robert T.Jones on Probation for Substance Abuse 2019-06-14: Maryland Psychiatrist Parviz Sahandy Surrenders License; Committed Sexual Improprieties with Female Patients 2019-06-14: North Carolina Med Board Issues Letter of Concern on Psychiatrist Brenda Sue Willis 2019-06-12: Canberra Psychologist Dev Roychowdhury Suspended for Three Years; Exploited Vulnerable Patient for Sex 2019-06-05: Paul Fox, Former Psychiatrist for Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza, Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Patient 2019-06-04: NY Psychiatrist William Belfar Guilty, Sentenced; Sold Oxycodone Prescriptions for Cash 2019-05-31: Tennessee Psychologist Donald Mc Coy Indicted for .16 Million Health Care Fraud 2019-05-31: Psychiatrist Paul Fox Sexually Assaulted a Teenaged Female Patient; Faces 18 Mos Prison 2019-05-29: AZ and CA Medical Boards Take Action Against Psychiatrist James Ryan for Sexual Misconduct, Controlled Substances 2019-05-28: Melbourne Psychiatrist Luke Ainsworth Banned from Practice for Getting Patient Pregnant 2019-05-27: Singapore Psychiatrist Soo Shuenn Chiang Fined S,000 for Breaking Patient Confidentiality 2019-05-27: Toronto Psychiatrist Jasjot "Tina" Chadda Suspended Six Months for Selling Patients Italy Meditation Retreats 2019-05-23: California Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist Dirk De Brito to Cease Practicing 2019-05-23: Radik Masagutov, Russian Psychiatrist Incarcerated for Raping 16-Year-Old Patient 2019-05-21: State Fines, Reprimands Psychiatrist Dale Wallington for Excessive Xanax Prescribing 2019-05-20: Virginia Psychologist Mwende Mualuko, Jailed for Shoplifting in 2017, Convicted and Jailed Again 2019-05-20: California Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Convicted for Human Trafficking 2019-05-17: State Seeks to Revoke Medical License of California Psychiatrist Gregory Gray; Patient Died 2019-05-17: State Board Suspends Psychiatrist Keith Ablow: A "Serious Threat to Public Health" 2019-05-10: Arkansas Psychologist Michelle Messer Sentenced; Ran off to Vegas with State Mental Hospital Patient 2019-05-10: Grand Jury Indicts Ohio Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur on Controlled Substance Charges 2019-05-08: Jailed Psychologist Richard Lenhart, a "Violent Sexual Predator," Denied Early Release 2019-05-08: Butte Psychiatrist Bennett Braun Sued for Disfiguring Drug Treatment 2019-04-29: Psychologist Daniel Rouse-Stanton Banned for Three Years For Sex with Patient 2019-04-29: Federal Agents Raid Office of Alabama Psychiatrist John Christopher Strunk 2019-04-25: State Revokes License of Colorado Psychologist Peter C.Solon; Numerous Criminal Convictions 2019-04-24: Michigan Psychologist Michael Varney Pleads No Contest to Criminal Sexual Conduct, More 2019-04-24: NJ Child Psychologist Lorenzo Puertas Charged with Repeated Sexual Assault of Child 2019-04-24: Kansas Psychiatrist Brian Lahey Loses License for Sex with Patient, Practicing on Suspended License 2019-04-19: Psychiatrist John Sappington Surrenders License; Numerous Complaints of Negligent Prescribing 2019-04-19: Psychiatrist Marc Spelar, Indicted in Federal Opioid Bust, Was on Probation for 2017 Drug Conviction 2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Jacques Levy Surrenders License, over Controlled Substance-Related Failures 2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Ewald Antoine Loses License Following Felony Fraud Conviction 2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Don Kerson Surrenders License on Controlled Substance, Sex-Related Charges 2019-04-17: Ohio Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur for Unlawful Prescribing 2019-04-16: Ohio Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Michael Anikeev; Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving 2019-04-14: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Charged with Sexual Assaults of Six Patients 2019-04-13: Universal Health Services (UHS) Must Face Claims That It Held Patients Illegally, Investors Say 2019-04-05: Psychiatrist Charles Noplis Under Investigation Again for Violent Acts 2019-04-01: NYC Psychologist Leanh Nguyen Suspended for Sexual Violation of Patient 2019-03-29: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Sentenced to 14 Mos Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient 2019-03-26: Board Suspends Psychologist John Thickins for Sexual Harassment of Patient 2019-03-26: Telemedicine Psychiatrist Rebecca Cirino Suspended for Prescribing without Examinations 2019-03-21: Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Saleh Parvez; Failed to Handle Patient Lithium Toxicity 2019-03-20: Addiction Recovery Clinic Employs Convicted Felon Psychiatrist Joel W.

2018-09-18: Child Psychiatrist Kimberly Frank Still Practicing Despite Insanity Plea 2018-09-18: Psychologist Jeannie Pasacreta Arrested, Charged with Medicaid Fraud 2018-09-18: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri to Face Second Sex Abuse Trial 2018-09-13: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Jack Wu Restricted from Prescribing Opioids 2018-09-10: U of AZ Psychology Professor Accepts Funding from Racism-Focused Research Foundation 2018-09-07: Texas Psychiatrist Riaz Mazcuri Gets 12 Years Prison for 5M Medicaid Fraud Scam 2018-09-06: Colorado School Psychologist Patrick Robinson To Be Sentenced for Gun Threat 2018-09-05: Colorado State University Psychologist Lee A.

2019-07-01: Michigan Psychologist Michael Varney Sent to Prison on Felony Drug, Sex, Fraud Charges 2019-06-30: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Sentenced on Patient Sex Abuse Charges 2019-06-27: Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Settles Suits Alleging Sexual Behavior with Patients, Other Violations 2019-06-25: Million Verdict Against Acadia Healthcare Sierra Tucson Psych Facility; Family Prevails in Wrongful Death of Son 2019-06-24: Kentucky Psychology Board Revokes License of Kathleen Kirby over Treatment of Child in Custody Case 2019-06-24: Georgia Psychology Board Disciplines Halisi Edwards-Staten following Fraud Conviction 2019-06-21: Virginia School Psychologist Richard Sidebottom Guilty of Sexual Battery of Child 2019-06-20: Kentucky Psychiatrist Charles Noplis; Numerous Acts of Violence, Guilty Plea, Medical Board Discipline 2019-06-20: California Psychiatrist Robert T.

Perez Sentenced for Selling Prescriptions for Cash 2019-06-20: Florida Psychiatrist Jacob Mc Clean Arrested on Meth Charges 2019-06-14: Louisiana Medical Board Places Psychiatrist Parker B.

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