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When Liv returns from an outing, Peyton shows her a video of Major and an unknown woman kissing at a party.Since Liv is experiencing sociopathic tendencies due to ingesting the brain matter of a sociopath, she doesn't react the way Peyton expects, impressing, but concerning her.

She's convinced Liv has post-traumatic stress disorder from the boat incident and urges her to seek When Liv makes an effort later in the episode, she's pleased. , Peyton walks in on Liv and Major, who are talking after he brings over a box of Liv's things from his place.

Later, Peyton returns home to find Liv working tediously.

She voices her surprise at her case being reopened, so to speak, as she had been sure the suspect in custody had been the murderer.

When the case is finally figured out, Peyton persuades the real suspect to accept a plea deal, saving her career and putting Liv back in her good graces.

At the end of the episode, when Liv can finally feel again, Peyton is seen holding Liv close as she cries over Major, looking as if she wants to cry herself.

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When Liv suggests that he shouldn't come over anymore, Peyton asks if it's because it's too hard for her, effectively pointing out that it shouldn't be if Liv was really okay with being apart.

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