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Image: ABCHe's dated Amanda Bynes, Kristin Cavallari, and Haylie Duff. Actress Amanda Bynes is opening up on life and her plans to return to Hollywood. She was also linked to Channing Tatum who also starred in the movie. The fact that she was being pigeonholed was only made worse by the existence of another actress her age who had come up under similar innocent circumstances, but who had been allowed to graduate and mature: Lindsay Lohan. Amanda Bynes Reflects on Her Erratic Behavior, Plus Her Plans to Act Again. Bynes also gushed about her former co-stars, including Zac Efron and Channing Tatum. continue reading » Amanda Bynes and David Cross 2006 RUMOR. In a way, you could almost sense her personal breakdown through her Twitter feed.Some of her most controversial tweets include the infamous tweet she wrote about Drake or why she could never marry a German.All of these tweets were always accompanied by a photo that made everyone wonder how far she would go.A friend her was quoted in an interview saying how the actress had told her in the past she ‘wanted to be 100 pounds’.

"I'm sitting next to my parents and I'm like, 'Oh man, I didn't think this through.

"Look, I love these guys, and when I say we're family, these guys love each other, I love being with them.

And at some point, if I ever get in shape again, I want to rock with them one more time."A couple of people who won't be clamoring for tickets to Tatum's special are his mom and sister.

Little did Amanda Bynes know that exactly ten years down the line, she would be the star of a her own reality, a bad one.

The signs were already there back in 2012 when she had her first brush with the law, why then, did no one pay enough attention to the troubled star?

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