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It's probably something you've never considered before, but James and Lily Potter were actually only 19 years old when they married - and 20 years old when they gave birth to Harry. Along with her older sister Petunia, the family lived in Cokeworth, England, and - as detailed in the 33rd chapter of the Deathly Hallows book, it was Severus Snape who helped Lily to discover that she was a witch.

Rowling, details, Lily Potter (née Evans) was born on 30 January 1960 to two Muggle parents, Mr and Mrs Evans.

Whenever a rich man sees colors and motions, he naturally wants to grab that object . Please note that Lily wasn’t planning on going to the art festival originally.

Lily understands how wealthy men operates, so she joined this upscale dating app . She said that only because she didn’t want to look needy and she really wants to meet Harry as soon as possible because she felt so lonely in New York.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley get to have three children: James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter.

James Sirius Potter is named after Harry's father and godfather.

Also, he has uploaded several black-and-white photos in his photo album on that as well so that his dating profile looks even more artistic.

I’m going to the art festival in the city center on Friday night. Lily: Actually, I’m going to the art festival as well. Harry: Shall we meet at the art festival entrance at pm on Friday night? Today I met Lily, a beautiful girl that I approached on a millionaire dating app on Tuesday morning. It was a great dating experience because both Lily and I love art. Artistic expression is always very important to me.

I’m glad that I’ve met Lily, a confident and sexy woman.

Toys have upgraded, but the essence is the same: Men are attracted to colors and motions.

As a result, Lily always wears colorful clothes (colors) and big earrings (motions).

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