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The virtual roses, inspired by Michael Spence’s Nobel-Prize winning idea of “signaling,” allowed people to show they really wanted a date because it was costly to send one.That is, if you sent a rose to one person, you could not send it to someone else.

First, there was a significant amount of stigma and skepticism when online dating was first introduced.In addition, during that period, some participants could offer a “virtual rose” along with two of their date requests.This, in effect, told the recipient that he or she was among the highest choices of the person offering the rose.But sending a signal to those people is a waste because they already know everybody wants them.Second, it’s easy to game the virtual rose system through multiple accounts and signing up for many sites.

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Be realistic or, as she puts it, “If you’re holding out for a millionaire, stop daydreaming.” Second, at least if you are a woman, look for references and reviews of available men on Lulu, a site that is doing for single women what the e Bay “feedback” system is doing for online shoppers.

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