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Ethnicity was one of about a dozen such fields that constituted a complete profile. As of our latest release, Scruff has started sending in-app messaging to profiles in the United States with racial language in their descriptions.

At no time was a statement of ethnicity ever required to use Scruff. The messaging looks like this: We hope to increase the awareness of and conversation about issues of race and discrimination on our app and in the community at large.

Cynthia Feliciano and Belinda Robnett collected data from Yahoo personals between September 2004 and May 2005, randomly selecting profiles of people ages 18-50 in the Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta metropolitan regions.

While white men were more open to dating outside their race than white women, both had specific racial preferences.

In addition to these new notifications, Scruff will no longer show ethnicity by default.

Only members who include data about their own ethnicity will see ethnicity metadata on other profiles.

Screenshots of conversations on apps can now unmistakably render what might previously have been dismissed.Scruff has enjoyed its status as one of the largest and highest-rated social dating apps for GBTQ men since our launch in 2010.With more than 14 million members, our app touches a deeply personal part of gay emotional life.Ageism is a problem in our community, as are body- and slut-shaming, and discrimination based on HIV status.Discrimination is also a global phenomenon, not just confined to the U. In the coming quarters, we plan on taking steps to expand our knowledge of LGBTQ discrimination and mores globally.

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Demographic changes brought about by the recent influx of immigrants from Asia and Latin America have the potential to alter race relations in the United States.

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