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Where size is no barrier.” Roberto, a 36-year-old single Spaniard who now lives in Melbourne, is one of them.He’s a website designer by day and a male companion by night, hired for everything from accompanying a client to dinner, giving her a massage, cooking for her at home or meeting her at a hotel for sex.“It’s a myth that women don’t pay for companionship and sex,” he says.“They do and it’s probably because their partner isn’t up to scratch or doesn’t listen to them.Women in sexless marriages or whose partners have sexual dysfunction – and may hire an escort with their partner’s blessing.For some, paying for no-strings sex is a better prospect than online dating or hooking up in a bar.

“We’re baffled by women who ring up and say they’ve never had one,” says Sarah. Sex tourism, where predominantly older women can and do buy the ‘boyfriend experience’ at exotic resorts in Jamaica, Kenya and Turkey, is thriving.Women who hire escorts may not be shouting it from the rooftops – save for singer Sinead O’Connor, who famously admitted Googling male escorts when she was on tour due to sexual frustration and boredom with her vibrator.My dad and I decided that it would be really relaxing to go and house sit for her since she lived in the country and had a beach front property.When we arrived, my dad went out on the deck to read a book and I went up to my aunts bedroom.

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I even remember ounce while at a good friends house I looked through his mother lingerie drawer.

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