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Battlefield 2 also has a more streamlined player communication system. No main base is safe on this map as neither are uncapturable.

In addition to the various text chat systems (at the server, team and squadron level), the game supports Voice Over IP (VOIP), and has a radial quick-communication system that players can utilize to make their character yell various phrases, such as "I need a ride," "Thank you," "Sorry," and so on. base is uncapturable, while all of the MEC flags are vulnerable. is advancing from the Russian plains and meets Chinese resistance along a shallow, swampy river. The large scale, combined arms multiplayer was initially stuck on maps which contained much recycled art.

Players can pick up a kit from fallen players and change classes on the fly, or change classes when waiting to respawn.The commander is a player who applies for the role who, in addition to any actions performed on the ground, also has the ability to lead his or her team in battle.The commander can view the battlefield from a strategic perspective and order players to attack, defend or move to various locations (though whether the players perform those actions is completely up to their discretion).The battles pit three major factions against each other: United States Marines, China & the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (M. Armored Fury added multiple maps, weapons & vehicles.Battlefield 2's "conquest" gameplay draws from the previous games in the franchise.

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