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the move was motivated primarily by Duke's school schedule, she also claimed that her career would accommodate her Midwestern locale."I won't be in LA on set as much, but there's a lot of work in New York and Chicago too," she said."RPM Italian is a culmination of 'firsts' for Bill and me," Giuliana told ."From the concept to the design elements, working on the menu with our team, understanding the ins and outs of good service, you name it. During a September 2017 speaking engagement, Bill revealed that his entrepreneurial spirit began as a child, when he turned his grandmother's kitchen into "a makeshift restaurant," earning him per plate from his "customers," who were basically just his grandmother's friends."I don't have to pick one or the other." Justifications aside, it's easy to see that escaping the tabloid press was also an obvious, if not intended bonus.The fact that we don't hear form Bill much these days, is proof that they've found that privacy they were looking for.

There are no details about her previous boyfriends.

It is sure that she wouldn’t have come up with this waiting game without a few falls and bad relationships.

But, Bill admitted that he has dated a lot of women before her. During the initial stages of the marital life, there were a lot of rumors about them.

When a reporter suggested it was "a breath of fresh air" for his wife to move on, Bill replied, "From your mouth to God's ear!

" That sounds like a guy who's ready for a break from the entertainment industry.

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"Finally, we're home." Bill and Giuliana Rancic opened their first restaurant in Chicago in 2012.

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