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It's not really any different than dating anyone else, except we can comment on [people of all genders] being attractive.Once we ran into his ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend at the same time at a bar.We would go to her shows and sure enough, every time we did, there were plenty of other lesbians there.Keep your eyes peeled for shows and concerts that lesbians are likely to attend. There may be personals ads, a calendar of events or announcements for dances, plays, art shows, concerts and other activities. Invite a gay-friendly straight friend to come along if you’re too shy to go by yourself.

He said he just wanted to make sure I knew because he liked me.You don't have to be an athlete to get in on the action.Sports like softball and rugby often have many lesbians in the stands watching."I've dated one bi guy, but not for very long (he broke things off with me).It's not really any different from dating a straight guy, IMO.

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