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One way or another, many black women thus become, or stay, single (as two of Mr Banks's three sisters are).As one woman tells him: “We focus on our careers, our friends, go back to school, whatever.For some black women, a white husband brings bad memories of slavery and Jim Crow.Others have conditioned themselves to find non-black men unattractive (lacking “swag”, in the argot).As a group, black men have also fallen behind in education and income, just as black women have surged ahead.

But as it turned out, both our families have welcomed and supported our relationship.

We fill our lives with other things.” But in the hundreds of interviews Mr Banks conducted, he found pervasive sadness.

The most obvious solution, he discovered, also runs into the greatest taboo: intermarriage.

Still others fear that men of other races find black women unattractive, or that their children might be “not black enough”.

But by far the most common reason seems to be that black women still regard intermarriage as tantamount to betraying the race.

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