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The Nissan Bluebird is a compact car with a model name introduced in 1957.

It has been Nissan's most internationally recognized sedan, in multiple body styles, and is known for its dependability and durability.

The 1934 Datsun Type 13 went into production in April 1934 with its chassis built in the Osaka Plant of the Automotive Division of Tobata Casting, which merged with Nihon Sangyo Co. Its grille was chrome plated with a tall heart shaped opening instead of the Austin 7 like grille.

It is the first Datsun model to have a truck variant called the 13T, along as being the first car exported from Japan; a total of 44 vehicles were exported to South Africa and Australia.

Every generation of the Bluebird has been available as a taxi, duties that are shared with base level Nissan Cedrics.

It is one of the longest-running nameplates from a Japanese automaker.

It marked "the birth of the Japanese car industry" according to Britain's National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

Nissan produced the vehicle at Yokohama, along with its commercial truck version called the 14T.

Some websites have pointed to this as evidence supporting the hypothesis that the Datsun was not a copy of the Austin.In October and November 1929, the chief engineer of Austin presented a paper in Tokyo called "The British Light Car".This paper is supposed to have provided detailed explanations and illustrations of many of the mechanical components of the Austin Seven.The Bluebird originated from Nissan's first vehicles, dating to the early 1900s, and its traditional competitor became the Toyota Corona.The Bluebird was positioned to compete with the Corona, as the Corona was developed to continue offering a sedan used as a taxi since Toyota Crown was growing in size.

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The original limitation for this class of vehicles was 500 cc displacement engines, but that was changed to 750 cc in 1933.

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