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Please see this: You may have set up your camera without giving it a static IP address.

Because of this, the camera’s local IP address may have changed. This would also throw off your port forwarding settings and break the remote connection.

Version 2.0.323.0 - Added changing camera configuration for Foscam 8910 cameras.Log in to your DDNS account and check if the IP is current.Then setup your router or camera to update the service.Foscam cameras can update this and most modern router’s can also update your DDNS address.If you haven’t setup an update client, your IP address probably changed and your DDNS address is now pointed at an old IP address.

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There are a couple of reasons why the connection to your Foscam is not working. You may have set up your remote address with an IP address (numbers and periods) instead of a dynamic DNS address (DDNS) and your remote IP address has changed. You MUST visit that address from a computer or device on the same network as the camera for valid results. Or you may have set up your remote address with a DDNS address, but the DDNS address is not being updated by a client.

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