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The addition of cam-lock sliders furthers the ease of one-handed adjustment set them in place once and let the Boa® system do the rest.The design of the cam-lock adjustment system results in no loose ends or hanging straps, and no elastic loops that tear off and disappear.Taking it one step further, the retention system is compatible with a wide variety of helmet liner systems as well as most common ballistic shell styles.The Boa® system's unrivaled technology ensures the most secure fit in a matter of seconds.The trend toward single-cam shows is also a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that there are fewer mentors in the multi-cam universe.Some of the best multi-cam creators, like Steve Levitan, have moved over to the single-cam side.All of these forms favored the more cinematic single-camera format.Comedies also started to get a bit more serialized, so this notion of setting up a situation and delivering on a satisfying conclusion started to lose favor.

Finally, there were “comamas,” which were comedies with dramatic elements.

But CBS is beginning to dabble more and more in the single-cam world (it has two such shows for the fall, “Young Sheldon” and “Me, Myself and I”).

NBC has tried a few, and I am not sure whether the return of “Will & Grace” will be multi-cam as was the original.

One theory that I have had about network television over the past decade or so is this notion of “cable envy” on the part of many network executives.

There’s a disconnect between critical success, which favors the more obscure, narrow and artsy projects, and the need to attract a large broadcast audience.

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There was the classic sitcom of setup: a situation at the beginning and resolve it in a smart, funny and unexpected way where the middle part was connecting all the dots.

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