Forbes also pointed out a similar 2007 case in which the website Sex was, on the basis of the same law, excused from facilitating an illegal hookup between an adult man and an underage woman representing herself as over 18.Three years ago, the dating site Skout came under fire after three men posed as teens in order to connect with actual teens.According to this Simple Texting survey shared exclusively through Bustle, finding marriage on dating apps is more common than you would think.In fact, a lot of the stigma surrounding dating apps and their main uses is straight-up incorrect.In reality, these apps cater to the best of both worlds — and it makes sense.

In March, a federal court found Grindr not liable in the case.

Some porn sites–which can be liable for purveying obscene material to minors–require customers to enter credit card information or driver’s license numbers. Hot or Not has not, so far, been implicated in the Anderson case, and precedents suggest that it wouldn’t be found liable anyway.

But as dating sites become more and more popular–and as they become an accepted part of hook-up culture for younger Internet users–it might be time to reconsider whether dating apps might play a bigger role in weeding out underage users.

Long term relationships are the goal of almost half the users that you could come across, leaving you tons of people for you to match with, go out with, and find a happily ever after with.

Times are changing when it comes to the way we interact.

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The age of consent in Michigan–where she lives and where they hooked up–is 16.

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