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Also, fan favorite Queen Bilquis was very present in the finale so it was a perfect time to chat with Yetide Badaki to get her take on what we saw transpire and how Bilquis has weathered this crazy season.Plus, she breaks down the meaning of In a general sense, how would you put into words the finale and how things have wrapped up for Season 2?Do you feel like she knows where she’s at even if everyone else is questioning it?

I talk about the 16th anniversary of 9/11 and things I remember from 2001, how you should wear all the white after Labor Day you want, checking off items on your hard to find list, how insane it drives me when people mistake their feelings for knowledge and more. I talk about how the Mayweather/Mc Gregor fight was an important reminder there are still rules in a world that feels like it doesn't have any left.The same isn’t exactly true for British students, though The coming-of-age drama starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield features a British cast, is set in a British school, and was filmed in Penarth, South Wales, yet it feels incredibly American.The show also never says what year it is or where exactly the characters are located.Follow Jessica on Instagram: @jessicalewis.drums and let her know what you thought of the episode.Jamie Wong, owner and curator of Raggedy Threads, a successful vintage clothing boutique with locations in Los Angeles and New York sits down to talk to me about growing up Chinese American in San Gabriel and Rancho Cucomonga.

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