Chathurika peiris divorce

Menaka and Nehara were the main characters of the hit tele drama “Muthu Kirilli”.The two of them acting as brother and sister in the ongoing tele drama “Amanda”.“My parents asked Nirmal to come our place to discuss the matter on several occasions, but he didn’t come.That’s why I went to meet him to our house with my father, Nirmal’s younger brother and with a family friend that day.

" I'm going to take legal actions for my divorce " Nehara has told to a weekend paper.

And by now what we have to report is news that the marriage of Chathurika's younger sister Purnika Peiris too has gone on the rocks and has had to separate from Sahan Abeysekera to whom she was married.

This phenomenon which remained a secret so far has been exposed by Sahan in public to a weekend newspaper and as such its secret is no more.

The arguments increased after the marriage and we were so closed to be divorced couple of times, but being a popular star among the general public I had to act in a responsible manner” “ Nirmal cannot control his anger” said Nehara.

“There are ups and downs in any family, but as an adults we should be able to solve through discussion.

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