Taliaferro wiy delight- fully entertained on yesterday with a six o'clock dinner party.

f WILSON' S KKKCKLE CKfc' AM il cither reri Kiveyourficci.lc3i i'cin to f;id'- ari'l that two jar3 will even , in the most severe cases completely, i lire thom. Simply get one ounce of olhine-double strength, from any fust class druggist in Ardmore and apply a lit'tlo of It at night, and In the mo.ti-In:; you will see that even the worst ! eq have begun to disappear, while the lighter ones have vanished entirely. The limb was not over tli.' -i feel in length at the outside, but va-literally covered with fruit. Tin-fruit was of the Indian variety and very luscious and the yield from t. A canning factory would result in a his saving lo the funnels. Two years ago the company withdrew from the i Southwestern Mine Operators' Aa-' sociation and the miners, claiming this abrogated their contract, went' on a strike and. I SOME WORKING GIRLS LOSE TOO MUCH TIME Two Girls Tell How To Avoid It. Tishomingo, Okla.-" I am a stenographer and book-keeper, and Lydia E. I am enjoying the best of health now, but I was suffering from- female troubles and painful periods, and would have backache, headache and fainting spells. Itowden, who Is (-ultiviit-ing the Hardin farm, about three miles west, of town, brouvli to Hie I.atiner office Saturday a small limb of a pi-a.'h fee which contained .'.1 peaches. Stephens county is a:, f"uit sect ion and thousands of '.'.cr:" s worth of fruit will go to waste tills year from lack of market facilities. Four I members of the national board i ihe Fulled Mine Workers of America are here today trying to ad-ijust the difference between the local and the Hache-Denman Coal Mining Company of Arkansas. Now they are seeking to j : regain the charter and on this ap- Plication the present meeting is j called. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I suffered agony every month, but after your wonderful Another Girl's Experience. Itaiiuolph Masters, Kerfonl Masteis, Frank Masters and Julian Masters; Mesdamen F. There were two new soldiers to register at the Confederate home this week Mr. Klise Pot-I little better, and after taking seven bot-terf and Helen Sayre are expected t,,s 0f jt I feel that I can truly say I home this weeks end from a visit to )ave no more pain or inconvenience. served as the last course, was a large ', angel food cake, bedecked with twenty lighted candles, signifying well, never mind sufficient to say It has III, Dlhll NIV, UI V.

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