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I think including a simple chatterbot in pseudocode (and the resulting conversation) could be an excellent piece of illustration, but I don't think we should use Wikipedia as a repository for sample source code.

I think we should, if not remove it outright, recast this as pseudocode, and, if it would be helpful, provide an external link to source code.:-) -- JRM , 2004 Sep 1 (UTC) That gets a bit too specific, I think -- perhaps a general reference to natural language processing would be better (of which chatterbots are but a specific (and rather whimsical) instance).-- JRM , 2004 Sep 2 (UTC) The source code, even in QBASIC, is quite obscure — it looks pretty obscure to me, and I used to do the odd bit of programming in the language a few years ago!I came here expecting an article about chatterbots.Perhaps the code would be better suited to a Wikibook on QBASIC programming? I think that part of the problem for non-programmers is that the article is really just a stub followed by an example of interest to programmers.

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