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The early morning fog had filled the surrounding valleys and gorges like a moat.Forgoing breakfast—it was the family’s custom to fast before prayer—Lupita, 10, and her nine siblings dressed for church and followed their mother toward the hillside chapel where their father, Alonso Vasquez, the village priest, gave his morning Mass.This program is specifically aimed at young people, providing them with a space to discuss their romantic relationships. Finally, "Positive Vibes" is a program aimed at youth with low self-esteem, presenting reggae music, and encouraging and motivating them to find the meaning in their lives.Involving women has been fundamental for the development of the radio station.

I believe that my novel is more likely to lead people to want to visit Chiapas than my academic books or articles ever did, Eber said.

The involvement of women in community journalism at Radio Muk'ul Lum has strengthened our research capabilities and increased access to information.

The example of Rosalba, who was elected to the position of coordinator of the group of communicators, is an example for other community radio stations that do not yet have the initiative to promote the participation of women, to begin to do so.

And I really do want people to go to Chiapas, to make friends there, perhaps to get involved in some kind of project or at least go back home inspired to do something to make the world a more egalitarian and just place. In the forward to Ebers book, author Diane Rus describes Eber as practicing love in the Mayan sense of the word as described by a character in the book listening deeply, not giving up on each other, helping each other, respecting each other and feeling each others pain.

The novel, published by Cinco Puntos Press in El Paso, will have a book launch from 68 p.m. It was clear to me that there were things I couldnt say in my ethnographic writings and the novel was an effort to help push myself to understand their lives better and help others understand the Maya people better, Eber said.

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