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The author of Straight Talk on Tough Topics and The Black Christian Singles Guide to Dating and Sexuality, he lives in Antioch, TN.

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The Bible doesn’t offer a “Dating 101” guidebook, but we want one.

They respect my faith-based values, but also find my stance on sexual purity restrictive and baffling.(Bonus if that model is praying with a beatific smile or has a little-worn Bible nearby—and extra bonus if there’s also a steaming mug of coffee.) Fourth, keep producing content about sex and dating in every angle possible, at least once a week, then spray it all over social media with creative hashtags.Follow these steps, and you will attract those elusive young readers. I’m a 30-year-old evangelical millennial, which means these kinds of posts regularly target me on social media—and there are a lot of them, because that content always get clicks.Thanks to modern technology, we millennials derive information and influence from all sorts of political and religious spheres.But that bombardment of material also disorients us: Who’s right, who’s wrong?

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