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The Comedy Zone is a great spot for group events and single outings alike. Whether you are looking for the best entertainment events Jacksonville has to offer or an alternative to your local bar, give us a call. “It’s going to be more resonant, and you’ll get more out of the conversation the better you are at yes-anding.” Yes-anding doesn’t mean never uttering the word “no,” according to O’Connor.What matters more than precise word choice is intention.

“Some of the funniest stuff in improv is when people make mistakes and then use those mistakes to change the story,” he said.“As long as the desire is to serve and further the narrative, it’s perfectly fine,” O’Connor said.There’s a reason why it’s boring to go out to dinner with people who only talk about themselves.In theater, this enthusiasm is what makes things dramatic and exciting, and in life, it will go a long way in creating and maintaining relationships, especially because it takes the pressure off you.“Neurosis and self doubt that come from internalizing your own fear go away because you’re now focused on the other person,” he said.

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