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It is also an indispensable guide to understanding the politi- cal debates and conflicts of today, from 9/11 to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, from the Somali pirates to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. It's better understood as the friction generated by two mismatched world histories intersecting.'" — San Francisco Chronicle "Ansary has written an informative and thoroughly engaging look at the past, present, and future of Islam.As Ansary writes in his conclusion, 'The conflict wracking the modern world is not, I think, best understood as a clash of civilizations . With his seamless and charming prose, he challenges conventional wisdom and appeals for a fuller understanding of how Islam and the world at large have shaped each other. For a comprehensive-but-approachable way to look at world history through the lens of Islam, there's no better book." — DAVE EGGERS DESTINY DISRUPTED A HISTORY OF THE WORLD THROUGH ISLAMIC EYES f TAMIM A NSARYl Praise for Destiny Disrupted "If you want to put today's headlines about jihadist suicide bombings into the much larger context of history, you'd be well advised to settle in with Destiny Disrupted.

His book is a valuable tool for opening up a view of the other side." — St. Ansary has written an indispensable historical account of the last 1,500 years from a perspective that is all too often ignored in the West.In the early decades after the birth of the Muslim com- munity, I generally give the Islamic date (the number of years followed by AH which stands "After the Hijra").I do so because I think that in this early period its useful to convey a feel for how many years have passed since the crucial events of Islam.Later in time, I slide over to the "common xi xii NAMES AND DATES era" system, because that's the framework with which most readers are familiar — and what's the point of giving a date if it doesn't place an event in context and situate it relative to other events?INTRODUCTION Growing up as I did in Muslim Afghanistan, I was exposed early on to a narrative of world history quite different from the one that schoolchildren in Europe and the Americas routinely hear.

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