Consolidating powerpoint slides

Smart Art options are simple templates that supply structure by combining simple objects.

We'll control the text, the pictures, and even change coloring schemes and other format options.

Polls and surveys allow you to get the pulse of the people.

The information you gather from polls give you insight that you wouldn’t get any other way.

Power Point's Smart Art feature offers great return for your time.

To illustrate, let's add a simple animation that displays one bullet at a time, as follows: That's it! During the show, a single click will display each bullet point, one by one. For instance, you might want to reduce the weight of the outline. Remember to select the Smart Art list block and then press [Ctrl] [A] to select all the bullet points before applying changes, unless of course you want to emphasize individual points.

Our simple list will get the job done, and it's more than adequate.

This is why many people use polls, from websites to articles, to presentations and actual interviewing.

Data from these activities are invaluable in product development, decision-making, and …

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