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Fresh Concrete Testing Humboldt provides a full range of fresh concrete testing equipment for construction jobs of all sizes, in accordance with ASTM C321 and other standards.

The H-2784 Super Air Meter – This high-quality air meter measures air void spacing and air volume of fresh concrete to help users better understand the freeze-thaw durability of fresh concrete.

Compression Tests Compression tests reveal the compressive strength of a concrete structure by applying force sufficient to crush the sample.

Compressive strength is a primary consideration in design and construction of concrete structures.

Cylinder Prep Tests Construction and engineering firms use concrete test cylinders for quality control purposes – to ensure that concrete cures properly, that structures can support desired loads, and that different batches of concrete uniformly meet design strength standards.

Humboldt Flexural Test Solutions Humboldt offers a wide range of flexural test methods, including compression machines designed specifically for flexural tests, and hydraulically driven portable continuous load machines for field testing beam cross-sections.

In addition, beam attachments can be mounted to all of our HCM-0030 compression machines.

A variety of machines and tools are used for cylinder testing and end grinding, as well as the storage and monitoring of cylinder specimens during the curing process.

Humboldt Cylinder Testing Solutions We offer a robust line of cylinder capping equipment, vibrating tables and accessories for cylinder compaction tests, as well as concrete cylinder end grinders, H-2951 Cylinder Capping Kit – Includes cylinder capper for 6” and 12” cylinders, compound melting pot, flake-style capping compound and ladle.

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Humboldt Compression Testing Solutions Humboldt offers a complete range compression machines for measuring the compressive strength of concrete beams, cylinders, cubes and other structures.

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