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Men were the ones with money, and women “had to start appealing to men to get men to pick them” for dates. “Companies that sell makeup could make twice as much money if they could sell to men,” Wade said.

But that didn’t happen: “Somehow gender ideology beat capitalism in this competition.” “Gender is all about maintaining the idea that men and women are different,” Wade explained.

Ancient Egyptian men, as well as women, wore kohl around their eyes, which research suggests may have had antibacterial as well as decorative properties.

In 18th-century England and France, men and women wore lead-based white and red makeup on their faces.

If that’s changing, makeup could help men break down restrictive gender norms and express themselves more fully.Cooling primer in the fridge refreshes skin and reduces puffiness.Primer used alone increases the brightness and texture of the skin.→ Shop Now Shiseido Zen for Men Size: 1.6 oz Eau De Toilette EDT Spray Launched in August 2009. It has a fruity, yet exotic aroma with a bit of musk.Named for Coco Chanel’s lover Boy Capel, the line launched in September in South Korea and comes to stores in the US in 2019. Some believe that makeup for men is becoming more and more mainstream, buoyed by makeovers on and an expansive attitude toward masculinity among American youth.Makeup and skincare for men are now not just accepted, but seen as tools men should use “to practice self-care, but also just to look and feel better,” David Yi, founder of the men’s beauty site Very Good Light, told Vox. Male courtiers in 18th-century Europe wore it, and as Yi points out, cosmetics are already popular among men in South Korea.

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