Costa rica ticas dating

You’re far better off meeting girls in San Jose and then bringing them to the beach with you.

It’s not hard to meet Costa Rican girls in San Jose. If you don’t look good or speak solid Spanish, it’s going to be rough to get attention here.

The girls here value having a boyfriend more than anywhere I’ve ever been.

It was common to see women making out with their boyfriends all over college campuses, at restaurants, and bars.

You just need to seperate yourself from the hordes of exchange students, backpackers, and sex tourists. It’s probably the best way to meet women in the country, as online dating can be hit or miss, especially if you look extra foreign. This is not a country for old men to meet women at night.

You’ll find girls here look more European than anywhere else in the region.

Many consider Costa Rican women to be the best looking in all of Central America (see for yourself).

While I wasn’t sold on this during my stay, I can see where they’re coming from.

I never went, but a few Tico buddies highly recommended the city to me.

If you’re living in San Jose, this may be a decent city to check out for a weekend.

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Ticas don’t value foreigners like other Central American girls, either. They’re exceptionally sweet, like to cook for their man, and make great girlfriends.

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