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Chandler pulled Rachel's panties down around her knees.

You want to hit them all and you want to mix them up. " Rachel said excitedly, raising her hands in the air. "Yeah, for some people," she finished, more subdued.She let out a surprised little scream, and then giggled.Her hips lay almost over the side of the high bed, with her toes just brushing the floor."Fuck her, Chandler," she whispered, almost to herself. With each, she nearly threw her mostly naked body against his, driving his cock, hard and deep into her best friend."Fuck... harder..." she directed passionately with each thrust."YES!!! She had gathered part of the bed's comforter in a bundle under her chest and was holding it with a death grip. This sent Rachel over the edge, and she came, screaming. Monica snuggled in behind Chandler and purred in his ear.Chandler leaned forward, almost so he was humping Rachel's ass, and got in a position to continue nailing her as hard as she wanted. Monica had been holding out up to this point, not wanting to cum and distract them. Hearing Rachel's screams again brought her to climax, as it had done so many times before, hearing her through the wall. "I think you'll do just fine tonight." Chandler thanked them both.

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