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Let your mouse/cursor hover over the big Library button you clicked on before.

A pop-up menu should appear right underneath the word Library - click where it says 'Installed'. Once Steam has finished, your game has been uninstalled.

If you don’t update your computer regularly, you may encounter various app, software and game issues.

Although Counter Strike: Global Offensive was launched six year ago, the game regularly receives updates that add stability improvements and fixes.

These commands were tested on Debian 7 but they should also work on Ubuntu.I can't find it on package manager or Software Center, or where it has been installed.However, I can find Steam on Software center to uninstall it. This is technically a Steam question, not really an Ubuntu question, but here goes!Once you're done editing it, you can save the file by pressing CTRL X and then Y. If you encounter strange behavior while playing a game, one of the first things we recommend is to verify that your game install is not corrupt.

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