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On November 30, 2009, Courtenay's ex-girlfriend Casey Johnson was arrested on charges of stealing clothes, jewelry, shoes, part of a legal document, and underwear from Jasmine Lennard.Police were led to Johnson on a tip from Courtenay Semel.After that, she started dating with an American TV reality star Paul ‘Pauly D’ Del Vecchio on Oct 2015. She is a Singer-songwriter and television personality.In addition to, she is an actress, fashion designer as well as a fashion model. Information regarding her parent’s identification not found at the moment. Regarding her education, she attended La Quinta High School then continued to the University of California Irvine and being activist since then.Recently, she continues her solo career with Shanell Woodgette and producer Maestro, to record a new adaptation of the hit Party All the Time.Hence Aubrey made an appearance in the TV reality show 50 Cent the Money and The Power.She used to live with her parents that include her father, mother, and siblings. Aubrey O’Day has been dated both women and men due her sexual orientation is questionable.Aubrey O’Day parents always supported her in each and every step of her life either it was in her education life or career life. In 2007, she was to date with one of the popular DJ Cassidy and again break up with him, she then dates American actor and musician, Evan Ross.

to look for her cell phone and couldn't get in.Furthermore, she appeared in 2009 in the American comedy American High School. In the studio with Shanell Woodgette and producer Maestro, to record a new adaptation of the hit Party All the Time.O’Day was also “fired” by Donald Trump in season 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice, which started February 19, 2012, on NBC. Not long after break up with him, she then dating American singer, songwriter, producer and model Donnie J.And in 2009 to 2010, she is dating American singer, actor, and film producer, Donnie Wahlberg.

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