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Film distribution veteran Ryan Krivoshey is taking a page from the success of “An Inconvenient Truth,” advocating for global issues by betting on film as the most potent tool for spreading awareness.The Founder and President of indie distributor Grasshopper Film recently formed a new production company, Grasshopper Marks Productions, which focuses on producing issue-based films whose stories can inspire major movements.The popularity of online dating has exploded in recent years.According to a 2009-2010 study, one in five singles have dated someone they met on a dating site.Carefully scripted prose can hide many skeletons in the closet.Not only can dates lie more easily, misrepresentation even includes false photographs.Though sites attempt to put safeguards in place to protect their customers, it is far from foolproof.

More and more people are becoming familiar with the joys—and frustrations—of online dating.The automatic re-billing is a concern for customers who are unsatisfied but find the cancellation process inconvenient.Rates for the service continue to increase, yet the Better Business Bureau reports 2,660 complaints about dating services in 2009.Monica Dorsey began her writing career in 2001, authoring career and college advice articles online and in print.Her work has appeared in publications such as "Philadelphia Metro,” "Collegebound Magazine” and PC&U publications.

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