Dangers of dating iraqui women

On September 27, 2018, Tara Fares, a young Iraqi social media star and model got shot and died in Baghdad. She is the fourth woman since August to be killed in Iraq, among rising concerns towards the safety of women who are not fearful of expressing themselves in the country’s conservative society.

Tara Fares was shot three times in broad daylight by unknown gunmen as she was driving her car with her boyfriend, who rushed her to the hospital. The young woman, who was a resident in Erbil, was spending more time in the Iraqi capital for her career.

Insurgents have driven entire communities out of their neighborhoods, resulting in the displacement of some four million people [source: Amnesty International].

Credited with a spate of recent bombings and terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda plays a key role in the Iraqi insurgency.

Additionally, human rights abuses still run rampant, especially for women. Department of State warns against all but essential travel to Iraq.

Civilian contractors -- usually working on reconstruction -- also find themselves in danger.

In 2006, insurgents abducted five civilian reconstruction workers. New Zealand comes in with a score of 1.202, compared to Iraq's 3.341.

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Iraq comes in with the highest score of the 144 countries surveyed, with an average of 3.341. It's located in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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