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Engmark took a large rock and threw it through the front door. Engmark broke into the cash register with a crowbar taken from his car. They spent about five minutes in the store, then sat in the car for five minutes trying to decide what to do next Mehaffey said Engmark convinced him that his nervousness was a "rush" from the break-in.

Engmark stated that the register was empty, but that he took a foam cup with in dimes from the counter. Engmark convinced Mehaffey to break into another store. Adventure dub for Kids, Adult Bible Study Salurday Evening 6 00 p m Monday Evening Bible Study prn Thursday Evening PTSD Support Group p m Senior Pastor Tom Bartmer, Dan Dugenske, Director This Directory Presented As A Community Service By Strang Funeral Home of Antioch Now YOU can get your money when YOU need it !

I *Skn IIBD'SPEVIEW Yolo Bog becoming birdwatchihg paradise PAGEB1 BIG COMPANY Life-size mastodon comes to Lake County SEE PAGE C1 Five Sections — 68 Pages APRIL 21-27, 2000 A Lakeland Newspaper /75 cents land annexation fails r Residents vocal in opposition, Antioch trustees 1 vote split By TIM FROEHUG Staff Reporter A standing-room-only crowd applauded the Village of Antioch's decision refusing to annex 40 acres owned by the Chicago Archdiocese, and 257 acres of land owned by Alfred and Dale Pederson.

For more information, or to pur- chase a table, contact Randy Bern- hardt at 838-0178. People who knew me in high school would say: I knew how to make the best of a situation. Most interesting person I ever met was: Oprah Win- frey' My dream job would be: Photographer for National Geo- graphic.

Iney allegedly drove to the other Please see BURGLARIES I A4 Proposed Timberlake Park annex tabled by village board By TIM FROEHUG Staff Reporter Property owner Ken Glick addressed the Antioch Village Board April 17 and pleaded his case to have 76 acres of land he owns annexed to the village. Lighthouse Church of Anlloch 554 Parkway Ave., Antioch. When YOU direct deposit with First National Bank-Employee Owned Get early access to your money when you direct deposit your paycheck, social security check, or pension check with First National Bank-Employee Owned.

The board tabled the motion to allow time for a pre- annexation agreement to be drafted. Glick claimed that if annexed, a total of 193 houses could be built on the land. A number of residents objected to Glick's propos- al. SCHROEOER Founder-1 904-1 986 Publisher NEAL TUCKER Optntent Uahagar ROBERT 1. SHERMAN UNDA SHIPMAN Genrt JSale* Manager Artorishyg Marketing Manager Putfc Rotations Manager JO DAVIS Accounting Manager CRYSTAL REED Classified Manager ROBERT WARDE Managing Edict Digging in Jill Tortorella of Antioch shows how she makes a pot on a potter's wheel during a pottery class at Antioch Community High '"School April 17. Sunday Worship & 10 45am; Sunday School (3 and up) and Bible Study 9.30am Christian Preschool. At First National Bank-Employee Owned we give you access to your funds the day we receive them— that means you could have your money a day or two before your actual pay day!

"The Roman-Catholic Church has no need for annexation," said Raymond.

Ganter said that the Pedersons' sole reason for wanting to annex to the village was to "be a part of the community." This statement prompted harsh response from those wondering why property owners would want to annex into Antioch with no intention of building oh the land in the foreseeable future.

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"One of the major reasons (why we annex) is the development is going to be there anyway. "It's a one-day project, and it's a very long day," he said. Brookside Drive, Gurnee (847) 838 - BAM (2265) lfdm 'AFULD SERVICE BANK*; cmh rrmion* • j *■ 4 « AGREE ±±±j^^^^^± Vinnie Lanciloti, 7 f of Antioch, participates in the football throw game at Oakland Grade School's Fun Fair April 15.— Photo by Sandy Bressner St. Faith in Education Currently accepting registration for the upcoming school year. Peter School provides both an academic and a spirtual experience where children may know^the excitement of karninaos wel Las 4he ; excitement of becoming all that God intended Them tbibe.' ' "•'- A strong State and Diocesan accredited curriculum is complimented with Art, Music, Band, Computer and Physical Education programs.

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