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But often the most devastating repercussions occur later on, long after the court case and custody time are completed. Gaining employment and promotions becomes more challenging.

We want convicted felons to overcome their criminal past.

Additionally, if an employee is fired for dishonesty, that person is ineligible to receive unemployment benefits.

or interfering with the morale of the United States armed forces...

He cites John's youth at the time of his conviction, and his subsequent lack of criminal conduct.

The company has treated John and Robert differently based on race, in violation of Title VII.

When can a employer legally ask about a felony conviction? Are there crimes I don't have to disclose to an employer in California? Do I have to disclose an expunged conviction to an employer? When can a California employer use a background check? How does a felony conviction affect federal employment? Applicants who fail to disclose a felony conviction might not be hired if the employer finds out.

Or if they are hired, they could be fired later on.

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