Dating a frat boy

When it’s game night and the home team scores a goal, sirens go off, bells ring, fans sing the goal song, it’s just like being at the game. As my friend and I arrived, we walk over to snag our usual table under my favorite hockey player’s jersey.While walking past the bar, I notice a tall, buff, scruffy bearded, handsome guy sitting with his friends. When the server handed me my first drink, I had to do a thorough look around, as this is the same bar I used to frequent with Frat Boy.He is so close with his brothers and he rarely has anything negative to say about his frat.I want to find a group that gives me the same support that he receives from his brothers. Are you implying that you don't think that I can get into a Sorority on my own? If they accept me, I don't want it to be because of my boyfriend. Any event that says that he can bring a date, he always brings me.But I also know that when it comes down to it, if I needed a brother's help, he would offer it without a doubt. I am his girlfriend and he always does everything he can to make me feel loved. He is allowed to tell me that he can't come over because he has something to do with his brothers.I don't expect him to ditch any events that his frat is involved in, and I wouldn't want him to. I don't expect him to drop everything and cater to my every wish, although that does sound nice. He didn't join his Fraternity because he couldn't make friends on his own. Yes, he has to pay but not everything in life is free.He texted back promptly to wish me goodnight, and hoping we see each other soon.

In the middle of my socializing, I noticed my friend shouting for me to go over by her.There is always the pressure of never wearing the same dress twice, especially if pictures are going to be taken. I know that the jokes I make with my friends shouldn't be made with my boyfriends brothers. I do want his brothers to like me but I want them to like me for who I am. His close friends want to help him but they can't really be so effective about it. I know it sounds weird but poor Austin is so weak and the girls are too wild!Try to take care of him, maybe he would find the real love at the end, thanks to you!

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I mentioned if he liked hockey, and he confirmed he was indeed a hockey player. Rounds of beer and shots were being passed around the bar continuously to us and the rest of the regulars, we chatted until we closed out the bar.

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