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Phillip Zimbardo, Director of The Shyness Institute at Stanford University.“That’s millions of guys who seldom meet women because they are too shy.There’s very little competition for these bachelors—and you can have your pick, if you are willing to make the first move.” “Many women are looking for a ‘good’ partner but have not defined what good looks like,” Drenner explains.“The more clearly ‘good’ is defined, the sooner your will be able to eliminate those that don’t fit the criteria.” , author and relationship expert.“A lot of women who have been dating for a long time arrive to the date with certain assumptions because a man ‘seems’ like someone else they’ve gone out with,” explains Samantha Daniels, relationship expert and founder of , a licensed counselor and consultant.“They feel like they need one or they are pushed into the dating scene prematurely by well-meaning friends or family.“If you were catching birds would you place your bird seed in multiple places or would you have it in just one place?Your odds of meeting someone increase when you are more visible, so take a risk and put yourself out there,” Weks advises. “Dating is expensive for both parties and men also want to make sure that the person that they like is going to stick around past the first few dates,” Safran says.

And if you tell them, you'll deal with all-out fights. “If you’re meeting someone online, be sure to spend several weeks getting to know them online first through emails and video chats,” suggests Fisher.“It’s also recommended to do a background check to ensure they have no criminal background and aren’t already married.“For instance, if you don’t want to date someone who has kids, you’ll save yourself loads of time by simply saying no to anyone who wants to date you and who already has a brood. Forget judgment—just be true to you and you’ll be successful at dating.” And if you’re dabbling in online dating, make sure you know the 30 Worst Phrases to Use on Your Profile. “There are many potential partners out there that are diamonds in the rough.It’s not always easy, but think outside the box.” And for more heartfelt advice, know the 40 Secrets of Couples Who’ve Been Married 40 Years.

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  2. light hearted but serious when i need to be 🙄 salam...i have 2 girls from my previous marriage...i work in admin in a school...i have a balance of east and west but striving more to better myself interms of deen.