Dating after mastectomy reconstruction

What’s more, that the cosmetic outcome of immediate reconstruction is often better than breast reconstruction that takes place later on.The decision to do both surgeries at once is influenced by many factors.After the reconstruction is complete, your breast surgeon will attach temporary drainage tubes to your breast.This is to make sure that any excess fluid has a place to go during healing. Because nerves are cut during the surgery, you may have numbness along the site of the incision.The technique may depend on: At the time of mastectomy, some plastic surgeons will lift up the pectoralis muscle, located immediately behind the breast, and place the implant behind the extra layer of tissue.

Implants are often used in reconstructive surgeries following a mastectomy.

If your nipple is removed during the mastectomy, nipple reconstruction is usually performed as a minor procedure several months after your breast reconstruction is complete.

Plan to be in the hospital for several days, depending on the type of reconstruction.

This is done by using incisions at the bottom of the breast or near the nipple.

From the incision, your surgeon will remove all of the breast tissue of that breast.

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