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In her philosophy class, Cornin (who has become known as “the dating professor”) requires every student to go on a date as an assignment. Cecilia, a Spanish immigrant in her late twenties, begins to cry after recounting how good it felt just have a guy stroke her arm. What really makes The Dating Project succeed as a film is not Cornin’s technique but the five young people who emerge as unlikely victims in a society gone wrong.

While there are arguments presented for such approaches, Cornin’s practical, clear advice has potential for tremendous good.She mentioned Mystery Science Theater 3000, an obscure and nerdy late night program about a janitor and two robots trapped on a spaceship and forced to watch bad science fiction movies.It was also my favorite show—and eight years later, we have a house, a dog, three beautiful children, and a decent collection of MST3K DVDs. Most Millennials—Catholic and otherwise—spend their twenties and even thirties aimlessly wandering through a series of frequent and short relationships; many of them want to settle down and even get married, but have trouble finding “the one”.It can mean anything from meeting for coffee to making out to casual sex.” It’s clear from the experiences of these young adults that the Sexual Revolution was a colossal failure, as Pope Paul VI, in his 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, indicated it would be.Simply put, there’s plenty of sex but no genuine love, commitment, or connection. The statistics are staggering: for the first time in U. history, more than half the population is unmarried. The date cannot last any longer than 60 minutes, or 90 minutes if the date is going well. Nothing more intimate than an A-frame hug or side-hug.

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If I was seeing somebody, I’d have to ask that somebody.

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