Dating antique glass bottles

Then, in 1884, the brothers switched to glass home-canning jars and created the household name that we still know and love today.Ball jars are classic vintage pieces that add so much to any room.

A horizontal seam near the shoulder of the bottle ages it to post-1814 until the end of the 19th century.

- Field archaeologists trying to identify and date bottles or bottle fragments which are found during cultural surveys and excavations in the United States; - Educators dealing with the subject of historic archaeology; and - Bottle collectors and the general public trying to date a bottle, determine what it was used likely for, and/or begin their search for general information on historic bottles.

A brown glass bottle that looks vintage or antique from afar may not be as old as you think.

The seams on a bottle are indicators of how it was made and also indicate its age.

If a vertical seam ends below the lip and the bottle has no horizontal seams, the bottle was most likely hand-blown into a mold.

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Some are called "figural" bottles, with shapes such as a cabin, a fish, ear of corn or a barrel.

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