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If the seller has no documentation but claims someone found the horseshoe on a former Civil War battlefield, contact the seller and ask the seller the exact location.Cross-reference that location against Civil War-era documents that identify battlefields in local archives.When shopping for antique horseshoes, it is important to know how to tell the difference between horseshoes worn by horses and horseshoes specially fabricated for playing “horseshoes,” which is a game that involves tossing horseshoes at a target stake.Special therapeutic shoes called egg shoes or bar shoes are oval-shaped Shaped like the letter U with a prominent hook located at each point The egg shoe dates back to the 19th century and encompasses the whole hoof.Hand-shaped shoes generally date to the early 1900s while machined shoes became popular after this time.Metal horseshoes are typically a bright silver to begin with and slow turn to a brown or rust color.

Hang your antique horseshoe as you would a picture, with nails: one nail if the horseshoe hangs points down; two nails if the horseshoe hangs points up.Horseshoes and Handgrenades is from the point of view of Christian, one of the album's two main characters.Christian is a nihilist and believes the answer to his feelings of anger and frustration towards to state of the world is to riot.If you are concerned about damaging a wall, consider hanging the horseshoe using a damage-free hanging solution like 3M Command strips or 3M Command hooks.Use a plate holder to display your horseshoe on a mantel or shelf.

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the whole poem is really just describing them playing a game of horseshoes and really nothing else.

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